Make Your Photography Price List a Work of Art


Continuing my series on pricing….. I always took great care in laying out my price list in Photoshop. I had the list printed on high quality photo paper, then mounted it in a silk covered cover. My design inspiration is a high end restaurant menu. In fact, I’ve used covers … Read More

make your photography price list elegantly simple


  “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”                                                       Leonardo da Vinci   I’m going to continue on my restaurant analogy because good restaurants do many … Read More

Can’t afford to hire yourself? Good!

photography is not scalable, so price high

  Imagine wearing underwear made out of a rough burlap sack.   That would be pretty darn uncomfortable – almost as uncomfortable for many photographers as the thought of raising their prices. And when does the discomfort reach a peak?  At the point where the photographers can no longer afford … Read More

Photography is not scalable – so charge a lot!


  [Note:  As always, when I say “photography” I’m referring to my core audience of wedding and portrait photographers. There are some types of photography (e.g. landscape/wildlife/stock) that may indeed be scalable.]   In business, there are several ways to make a lot of money. Here are two of them: … Read More

Introducing The Photography Business School


    What is the Photography Business School (PBS)? The Photography Business School (PBS) offers on-demand, video-based training courses for professional wedding and portrait photographers. The courses will focus on the business of photography, including pricing, marketing and sales.   What types of courses will be offered on  the PBS? … Read More

Should I Lower My Prices?


  In this week’s post I answer a question from a UK wedding photographer about lowering her prices. Q: At my peak I was shooting about 25 weddings per year but since then the numbers have dwindled to the point where I only did a few last year and only … Read More

How To Simulate Sunlight With Lightroom


Sponsored Post: by Daniel Chabert ( One of the most desired effects to accomplish with Adobe Lightroom is to create the feeling of natural sunlight in our photographs. You can simulate this feeling by either adding an artificial sun or by giving an intense warm feeling to your image with … Read More

What Photographers Can Learn From Restauranteurs


  When you think about it, a photographer’s price list is really no different from a restaurant menu. It’s a list of your product offerings along with their accompanying price. Photographers, like restaurants, need to strategically design their price lists in a way that maximizes revenue. I recently came across … Read More

a year in review: a look back at 2015 and what’s ahead in 2016


Almost exactly a year ago I re-launched this blog after a couple years of blogging hiatus. The biggest change to the blog was that instead of a more general photography blog which included articles on photography gear, shooting tutorials, business and personal stuff, I decided to rebrand the blog to … Read More

Happy Holidays!


  My holiday card for this year – thanks a lot for being part of my world! front: back:   Technical Details: all images taken with either my Sony A6000 or Google Nexus 5 card was designed freehand in Photoshop printing: 4×8 press printed card by Bay Photo