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“I have been an avid reader of Laurence Kim’s blog for years because of his practical and smart advice. When I wanted to take my business to the next level, I scheduled a consult with Laurence. I changed both my portrait and wedding pricing structure per his advice. It’s paid off – I am successfully booking most weddings at my middle or top packages. I’m making an average of $1,500 more on each wedding, and $500+ more on portraits!”

              Betsy Wall

“Laurence’s smart and succinct advice has been more valuable than the many workshops I’ve been to. His well-thought-out advice was a breath of fresh air and common sense which I still refer to when I’m stalled. I don’t have many “secret weapons” which I hoard. Laurence is one of them.”

GGJeremy Sale


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get weekly photography business tips sent straight to your inbox.

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